Youth Kinnect is a dedicated space within this year’s Renew Fest for young people 12-25 years old.
Whilst there are lots of hands-on workshops, it will also be a safe and comfortable space for young people to
chill out, connect, share ideas, be creative, and learn about local resources and services relevant to them.

Dream Bigger Workshops

Dream Bigger (DB) connects established artists with local youth by sharing creative and performing art skills, with the aim to opening their minds to the endless possibilities of who they can be and how they can use their creativity to make positive social change locally and globally. Through engaging and collaborative workshops which use creative modalities such as dance, songwriting and sound production, young people have the opportunity to build new connections, learn new skills, and gain the confidence to dream bigger than yesterday and make their dreams for the future a reality. Dream Bigger is thrilled to collaborate with Renew Fest 2018 and will be running creative workshops for Youth throughout the festival.

Dream Bigger Songwriting and Sound Production:

Offered by: Blake Rhodes

In this workshop, award winning rapper and hip-hop artist Blake Rhodes will share tools and activities that help break down barriers to creativity, supporting youth to channel their ideas, experiences, challenges and dreams into lyrics and sound making within the rhythms of hip-hop. This is a fun and empowering way to use and share your voice and dreams! No prior experience necessary, just bring an open-mind, curiosity and enthusiasm to learn!

Dream Bigger Human Movement:

Offered by: Mitch King & Tess Eckert

In this workshop, hip-hop dance artist, Mitch King and contemporary dance artist, Tess Eckert will draw on the four elements, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire to inspire different ways of generating movement in the body. We will creatively investigate our own relationship to these elements and find out what we can learn about ourselves, our dreams and the world by playfully embodying each of them. We will draw inspiration from the environment around us, with the aim of co-creating movement sequences or short choreographies. No prior dance experience necessary, all bodies and abilities welcome!


Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs

Natural Highs provides healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol through offering workshops, drop-in classes, groups, presentations, sober events, and entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities for young people. Through games, cutting-edge brain chemistry, interactive discussions, stress management, and creative expression, young people learn how to access conscious states of being and connection in healthy ways that strengthen protective factors and healthy brain development. The goal of the program is for youth to learn about the effects of substance use, discover healthy alternatives, support each other with healthy choices, and take on leadership roles to positively impact other youth and adults in their communities.


Philos-o-Tea Circles

Come along to share Yerba Mate Tea in a traditional gourd and participate in a non-judgemental philosophy style circle discussion.


Finding the balance: The Brain Chemistry of Addiction vs. Natural Highs

In our increasingly overwhelming and chaotic world, when we have every distraction and temptation available to numb our senses, how can we check-in and instead of checking-out?

Through interactive activities and discussion this workshop will explore someof the following topics:

● How do emotions work in the brain & body?

● How do different substances affect the brain and body?

● What are the issues underlying addictive behaviours?

● How to create healthy habits and rituals that support physical,spiritual and emotional well-being.

● Skills and tools to connect with yourself and others in healthy ways.

● Our own unique natural highs!

● Explore ways young people can can collaborate to create a fun & sustainable sober culture with their peers and communities.