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Mullum Farmers Markets Tripple Treat ☀️

Join three Mullumbimby Farmers Market stallholders for a discussion on organic farming, native foods and a workshop on gut-healthy fermented drink kombucha.Free tastings available.

Dave Forrest and Sue Mangan are pioneers of the organic farming movement on the Northern Rivers and Rebecca Barnes is a leader in the native bush food industry.

The Mullumbimby Farmers Market’s mission is to support local farmers, strengthen local food security, encourage diversity and sustainable practices in food production, build community, and educate the community. The market’s annual Grow Your Own Lunchbox event (LINK  educates and inspires the farmers of the future.

David Forrest - NSW

Sue Mangan - NSW

Rebecca Barnes - NSW

Biochar – One Solution

Don Coyne

What is Biochar? What are the benefits? How to make it and apply it.

Don is the founder and event coordinator of the Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference and owner and operator of Byron Biochar from the Byron Eco Park at Tyagarah, N.S.W as a merchant of Australian Made Biochar & Wood Vinegar, I operate a mobile service, deliver consultancy, educational and training services in Biochar.;

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Bamboo In Daily Life: Design And Preservation Techniques

Jaye Irving

Multi-award winning designer Jaye Irving has been flying the green banner of sustainability for nearly 20 years exploring the relationship between the natural and built environment. As an Architect, Artist, Builder and keen Permaculturalist his interest in natural materials has led him on a on a global search for grassroots green design, fortifying his skills in integrated food systems, ecological sewage design and a gambit of natural building practices including bamboo, Hemp, Earth and Straw. At the core of these skills taught by simple craftsmen from around the world is the relationship with their environment. This talk and workshop will look at the design and preservation techniques of bamboo and uses in our daily life.

Sleeping Under the Fig Trees

Pete Cuming

This workshop is an opportunity to explore and find ‘deep rest’ in the oft only brief moments available to us, in an increasingly busy world with so much to do. Explore what is the key that opens us to the healing power of resting, so that we can regularly renew, recharge and regenerate. Be guided in safety, attuning to nature, to our self, to experience the precious moments of relaxation that can lead us to deep restorative rest.  It’s as much about tuning in, as it is about tuning out. Previous participants have expressed it is often the shortest of time periods that provide the peace of mind, the connection to bliss, that we need and seek. Bring something to lie on, a notebook and pen, and come and rest awhile under the figs of the Mullum showground.

Pete Cuming is an experienced yoga teacher, brethwork facilitator and musician, with almost 4 decades of experience in a range of healing, alignment and shamanic arts; part of a productive and busy multi-tasking life and background as an activist and change-maker, musician and surfer, sustainability planner and educator, earth worker and parent/grandparent.

Repower Byron Shire: How To Get Involved

Dave Rawlins

Repower Byron Shire is a community movement to support and inspire us all to transition to a renewable energy future. It’s about switching on people power by decreasing the cost of electricity, increasing local power generation and reducing carbon emissions. Be part of the revolution and learn how you can repower your home and we can repower entire streets and communities. By working together we can Flick Fossil Fuels.

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Nurturing youth biology for health, happiness and lifelong thriving

Erica Nettle-Chik and Paul Crebar

The last 20 years of science has revealed a very powerful truth for the health of our youth. By ensuring one key inherent relationship is maintained we establish the strongest preventive against our society’s most common adolescent health challenges and maximize the opportunity for lifelong thriving. This 30 minute workshop will share key facts, powerful insights, and some helpful tools to utilize with our children and youth.

Erica Nettle-Chik and Paul Crebar have been running Luminous Youth since 2013. Bringing together professionals in their field to share with and inspire the leaders of tomorrow, the workshops are powerful, inspiring and dedicated to human evolution. Passionate about youth development and empowerment, alongside parenting and spirituality they are dedicated to providing informative and fun workshops and information to youth and their parents, so that the youth of today (and tomorrow!) are connected, passionate and live inline with the passions of their heart.

My Moneyless Journey

Jo Nemeth

This presentation will be an overview of the journey of three years of moneyless, low impact living in the Northern Rivers. Covering the how’s and why’s of this choice, Jo will also discuss the benefits of living a simpler, low carbon life, including some life hacks and ideas for others to adopt to reduce their own carbon footprint. Presenter; Jo Nemeth Jo has been living without money for three years to reduce her carbon footprint. Closing her bank account, quitting her job and getting rid of a lot of her stuff at the end of 2014, Jo took money out of the equation hoping that, without it, she would find it easier to live a low impact life. Her one loose rule is to not use new resources. Jo tries to use waste, unwanted, second-hand, homemade/grown resources and the excess of the world around her. She is a big advocate of sharing and collaboration at a local level.

Life Cykel: Mushroom Biotechnology a Catalyst for a Brighter Future

Life Cykle

All life is interconnected. This is the lesson that mushrooms teach. They are the world’s greatest and oldest teachers, timelessly spawning a wisdom that can just as readily uplift habitats and unite a community. Many of their solutions are practical and, in this session, we will discuss their roles and show you how they can achieve the following:

* Feeding the future sustainably turning coffee waste into mushrooms
* Upgrading human immunity and performance
* Diverting textile waste from landfill returning it to earth with mushrooms
* Mushroom leather to replace animal leather
* Replacing antibiotics with medicinal mushrooms
* Remediating contaminated waterways and soils

There will be many practical takeaways from this workshop that you can action. Two facts you are certain that will become quickly apparent for anyone studying mycology

1. Fungi are incredibly important and fascinating and
2. Nobody knows about number 1

Presented By: Life Cykel

“Life Cykel is a leading innovative mushroom biotechnology company with an extensive range of mushroom products in food and drink. With five urban farms across Australia, it is the only company globally who have successfully commercialised growing a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms from coffee waste. Life Cykel has a dedicated research team with expertise in microbiology and biotechnology, and is working with the University of Melbourne through go collaborative research partnerships.”

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A New Science of Everything – the work of Nassim Haramein

Pratima Michele Mumford & Narada Dan Vantari

We explore the shift in world view happening at every level of society, from physics to economics, history to spirituality. Last year we had an amazing 3 weeks in Egypt with Nassim and the Resonance Foundation crew, so we will share some of that. The radical paradigms created in the early 20th century have become ossified as academic dogma and a new reLOVEution in our understanding of the universe is necessary to adapt to these transformative times!

Nia: Moving to Heal

Jacqui Pick

Holistic movement dance workshop. Nia helps people to become more in tune with their body and become more connected to their emotions and spirit. This creates a greater awareness of the deeper values in life like connection with family, friends, community, the natural world and how to sustain your ‘flow’ energy’. Each week in Mullum we have a dance movement class called Nia Moving to Heal, which encourages people from all backgrounds to come together to learn more about their body’s way, to rejoice in music and movement and to celebrate as community. to-Heal- 320440261695605/

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The Economics Game


The Economics Game, played in small groups, is a creative way of exploring the concept of wealth distribution in societies. Using beans to represent currency, different players will bring their own strategies to the table, allowing an array of possibilities to arise: What dynamics will prevail? How can we make decisions to shape the economy according to the priorities we agree on as a collective?

Come play the game with us … it’s a super interesting revealing enlightening exploration…. Hosted by the Wildspace crew!

Renewable Energy for you and your lifestyle

Rainbow Power Company

Understanding solar power and harnessing its energy for your home. Presented by Rainbow Power Company We at the Rainbow Power Company are employed in an industry with a primary objective of turning the tide away from environmental destruction and towards environmental harmony. We frequently hear businesses claim that they hold environmental concerns above all else, but often this attitude is taken in order to increase sales and may only be a public relations façade

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Setting up Co-operatives 101

Antony McMullen

Join co-operative expert Antony McMullen to learn and discuss:

* Why we need co-ops in the new economy
* Mythbusting – what a co-op actually is (and isn’t)
* Is it right for you? Features and benefits of co-operative enterprise (with examples).

Antony is a Melbourne-based co-operative entrepreneur and expert in co-op development, policy and enterprise for common good. Originally growing up in country town Narrandera, Antony is passionate about placed-based social, cultural and economic development. He holds qualifications in social impact (social entrepreneurship), community development and co-operative leadership. He has fulfilled various roles, including disability attendant carer, student union president, social policy specialist (church-based), community legal centre president (field of social security), union delegate and community services CEO (work-related harm and future of work). More recently, he worked for Employee Ownership Australia in communications and presently regularly contracts services to the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (including collaboratively preparing a draft governance code for the sector). He currently also works part-time in co-operative social housing. He is Secretary and co-founder of Co-op Incubator (an online community to facilitate co-operative entrepreneurship) and is co-founder of the first cooperative co-working space in Melbourne (and is working on a co-op brewery). Antony has provided support to a range of co-op start-ups in paid and unpaid capacities including: bHive; Cooperative Power Australia; Earthworker Co operative (and Redgum Cleaners Cooperative and Earthworker Energy) (also a member); and, ORICoop (member). He also serves as Vice-President of the Victoria Day Council (that administers the Victorian of the Year award).

An activism based on a willingness to die.

Mike Kamiizumi

How do we stand in our integrity and honestly face the prospect of species-level extinction? How do we participate in the battle when so much is out of our hands and the outcome is beyond our control? How do we move from a place of service and a willingness to fight for what we believe in, rather than a rigid need to ‘fix the world’? A session with Mike Kamiizumi.

Mike is a practitioner of one of Japan’s oldest extant martial arts. He’s among a very small number of non-Japanese martial artists to have undertaken a ”live-in student” education under the guidance of a staunch traditionalist with a strong will to retain the ancient ways of clan-based living. With intimate knowledge and practical experience of Japan’s historical past, Mike works today to bring together a small number of people to share his experience and establish a sustainable community of martial artists.

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A Taste of Joyality: Empowerment for Conscious Changemakers

Eshana Bragg

Join us for an inspiring and deep experience of nature connection, sharing our feelings about the state of the world (both the “bad” and the “good”), and focussing in towards your own unique pathways of positive changemaking. Nourish your ability to stay awake to what is happening around us, and take powerful action, without losing your joy and sense of wonder in the world.

Eshana Bragg PhD is a local ecopsychologist and workshop facilitator, rainforest regenerator, ecohamlet creator and lover of life. She has 25 years experience in social research focusing on our relationship with nature, and how it affects our behaviour and well-being. She is a director of Sustainable Futures Australia, and university lecturer in social change for the School for International Training’s Sustainability and Environmental Action program. In 2015, Eshana co-created The Joyality Program with Seattle-based activist Rachel Taylor, as a non-profit enterprise to inspire and empower changemakers in these challenging times of great potential.

Folk Forum

Erin Young

The Folk Forum brings a space for Renew Fest folks to have a say. Something like a panel forum held as a sharing circle, each person is invited to share and contribute to the collective wisdom. The topic of conversation explores how festivals, like Renew Fest, allow a person to be their fuller self. The sharing circle is equipped with a talking stick and guided in it’s basic conduct.

An expression session for those wishing for a culture of deeper interpersonal sharing, Folk Forum sessions provide patrons with an experience of circle sharing, a simple yet powerful skill they can take away with them to offer in their own communities. Sharers will learn to have more powerful and conscious conversations about topics that matter. This practice will also call on the collective holding-of-space, up-skilling individuals to be more capable listeners, more authentic in expressing, and more attuned with the collective experience.

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Making the Revolution Sing: Come write a rallying cry with us!

Jenni-Cargill Strong, Tom Nockolds

The Canadian Leap Manifesto brought a positive platform for “caring for the earth and one another” to the 2015 Federal election. What would a local version look like? What is the language that will set fire to people’s hearts?