The Stream Program is made up of old-school panels and presentations, like we know and love them… With a deep dive into one of the six key streams that Renew Fest asks us to consider, for regenerative change… Proudly presented by six game changing community orgs who are our Renew 2018 Program Partners :)(:


1. Humanity Renewal – This Is My Brave Australia

2. Community-Owned Renewable Energy – COREM

3. Ethical EconomicsLocal Futures

4. Nature’s Biodiversity – Australian Earth Laws Alliance

5. Human Habitats – Bruns Eco Village

6. Our Food – Santos Organics


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Falling through the gap: Acute mental health crisis

SAT 12:15 – 2:15 SHEOAK POD

Tim Daly, Sophie Hope, Frank Quinlan, Ella Rose Goninan

We are losing one another due to the gap in care services available when people are in acute mental health crisis.

Only family and friends, unregistered volunteer grassroots organisations if available, which is rare, currently do their best to offer care during acute mental health episodes. If this voluntary care isn’t skilled and available 24/7, even though we currently have a plethora of mental health crisis care service org’s both within and outside the system, then the only current legal option for receiving care is being submitted either voluntarily or involuntarily to a hospital Psych ward. With the mental health care system acknowledging at the highest levels of governance that we are in a mental health care crisis epidemic and that our current healthcare system for mental health is aiding and abetting the crisis, though at the same time not making at home professional care for acute episodes legal, what do we do to address this epidemic and protect the lives of our loved ones in their greatest hours of need?

Presented By This Is My Brave Australia

This Is My Brave Australia is dedicated to driving a national conversation about mental illness in an attempt to break the stigma surrounding it. We do this through our live theatre shows cast from members of the community telling their stories of lived experience of their own mental health issues or those of a loved one or family member. TIMBA is proud to be the sponsor of the Humanity Renewal program section of Renew Fest 2018 as we have a shared belief in contributing to the renewal of the human spirit through community and sharing of our stories and also deep listening (dadirri) the driving theme of this year’s festival.

GreenPrints: citizen-created Earth centred governance

SAT 12:15 – 2:15 GUMNUT POD

Ross Williams, Tamasin Chugg, James Lee, MC Michelle Maloney

From kangaroos to koalas, from eucalypts to wattles, Australians’ are proud of the plants and animals that co-habit this continent with us.  But our precious, unique biodiversity is under threat.  Human settlements, agricultural and industrial activity and of course climate change, are destroying our forests, grasslands, flowers and native animals.  So what can we do about it? This year’s Nature’s Biodiversity program is focussing on solutions.  The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is hosting an interactive workshop that presents a way for communities to build their own Earth centred governance approach for their unique bioregion.  Join us for an amazing journey into the web of life, and engage in some practical exercises to understand how human governance – planning, law, politics, economics – can be transformed to support, not destroy, our precious biodiversity.

Presented by Australian Earth Laws Alliance

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is delighted to be part of RenewFest 2018.  The event is aligned with our vision of creating human societies that live within their ecological limits, respect the rights of nature and enjoy productive, sustainable economies that nurture the health of the wider Earth community. AELA is pleased to be able to host a GreenPrints workshop, which will give festival participants a chance to explore new ways to build human communities that nurture our precious biodiversity.

Shifting to Ethical Economics

SAT 12:15 – 2:15 BANKSIA POD

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Amanda Cahill, Warwick Smith, Dan Fitzgerald, MC: Jeremy Tiger

How can we restore our ecosystems, our communities, as well as justice and democracy? Changing our economic system is key. This program will provide a holistic analysis, as well as examples of ethical, ecological and equitable economics. There will be short presentations, a panel discussion and Q&A.

Presented By Local Futures

A pioneer of the new economy movement, Local Futures (known for promoting the economics of happiness) is dedicated to community renewal and ecological health worldwide. Our “education for action” programs – ranging from films, books and reports, to webinars, podcasts and conferences – aim to catalyze change at the community and international level. We are presenting the Ethical Economics stream at Renew Fest because we believe that economic localisation is a systemic antidote to the forces tearing apart the fabric of communities and the planet: it is a solution multiplier with economic, social, environmental, and even spiritual benefits.

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Building Better Human Habitats

SUN 12:15 – 2:15 SHEOAK POD

Peter Cuming and Eshana Bragg, John McKenna, Malcom Price, Kelvin Daly, Penny Beaumont, Steven Liaros and Nilmini De Silva

The Panel consists of six different projects and or concepts in the region to provide innovative and affordable housing. Speakers will explore how these concepts and projects respond to the range of issues in todays housing market and ways that these concepts/projects can be implemented. The Panel will run for around one hour with questions then an open space time where people can ask specific questions to the individuals about their initiatives, concepts and projects on individual tables. Initiatives represented on the Panel are:

* Maclean Ecohamlet Project, Maclean NSW –– Peter Cuming and Eshana Bragg, Sustainable Futures
Station Street –– John McKenna, North Coast Community Housing
Social Habitat Housing –– Malcom Price, Social Habitat
Bruns Eco Village –– Kelvin Daly
Community Land Trusts –– Penny Beaumont, Byron Community Land Ltd
The Circular Economy Innovation Hub, Tweed Shire –– Steven Liaros and Nilmini De Silva, Polis Plan and Bueatility Developments

Presented by Bruns Eco Village

The Bruns Eco Village is a innovative Ecovillage project providing around 120 homes within a mixed use Ecovillage, planned at Brunswick Heads NSW, The Ecovillage has Affordability, Community and Sustainability as its core values. With an exciting affordable ownership model, new community development processes and leading village design innovation it proposes to be one of the most innovative and exciting ecovillage developments in Australia. The Bruns Eco Village is thrilled to be hosting the Human Habitat program recognising that its own planned village is only one of the many solutions needed to address the current issues of human habitation and housing within the Northern Rivers and Australia. It wants to support other innovative and exciting solutions in this area and provide the space for collaboration rather than competition to these solutions which it sees as the only way to work in the future. We are extremely proud to be involved in Renewfest in 2018. Another amazing array of inspiring humans with a shared cause to make the world a better place… what could be more exciting. Bruns Eco Village is honoured to be a partner programming presenter this year, events like Renewfest as key to a healthy human story.

Santos Organic’s Smörgåsbord

of Fascinating Delights…..

SUN 12:15 – 2:15 GUMNUT POD

12.15pm – 12.45pm… Improving our Expression – the Intersections of Physiology & Environment
Presenter: Annalee Atia

We are informed by our environment and in-turn we inform our own unique environments, both internal and external. This is an ongoing conversation and one that we can tailor to our vision of a healthy body and healthy environments around us. How do we see our food in context of overall health? Is Health a personal or communal concept? By in large our interactions with food and our environment have shaped our expression. Looking at the intersection of Physiology & Environment – we are asking questions, opening the door to new pathways, new expressions. Slowly, we are telling #newstories.

12.45pm – 1.15pm… Hemping the World
Presenter: Paul Benhaim

Hemp is arguably one of the most sustainable and beneficial plants on the planet. Paul Benhaim is an International Hemp Expert, Founder of Hemp Foods AustraliaSativa Skincare and is the CEO of Elixinol Global Limited. Having written 9 books on cannabis, Paul will share some of his journey and talk about the numerous benefits of hemp, not only as a food, medicine and skincare product but also as plastic and building material. Paul’s vision is to hemp the world.

1.15pm – 1.45pm… Successional Agroforestry – Planning Tools for Food Forests
Presenter: Bunya Halasz

This presentation will offer some simple but valuable tools for planning Food Forest Systems for maximum production in Space and Time. By working with natures own process of Natural Succession combined with an understanding of the Characteristics and Life Cycles of desired crops, this system facilitates the establishment of Ecologically Regenerative Polycultural Systems with Optimum Productivity, Diversity and Resilience – an Anthropocentric mirror of Natures own Systems.

1.45pm – 2.15pm… Sacred Bee-ing
Presenter: Willow Hankinson

A talk on honeybees and their vital role in our food systems, encompassing the complex and fascinating nature of the super-organism, and how to go about keeping them in your own back-yard.

All brought to you by Santos Organics

Santos Organics empowers people and communities to live in a healthy and sustainable way.  As a not-for-profit Environmental Organisation they serve clean food and natural products to generate funds for environmental grants & community donations. In operation for over 45 years they currently operate 3 retail stores in the Byron Shire and an online store servicing Australia. Recognised nationally for their pioneering retail food model their procurement policy ensures only the highest quality and most ethical food and products are on offer. Dedicated to the health of people and planet they employ an Ethics Researcher to ensure their products, processes & suppliers meet stringent ethical, health and environmental requirements. The new way for food is here. Santos Organics is honoured to be a key sponsor of Renew Fest again in 2018 as it celebrates the power of the collective to make positive choices for the health of people and the environment. It’s a wonderful celebration highlighting key areas of our society where we have an opportunity to make an impact and make positive change.

Designing COREMs Large Scale Community-Owned Solar Farm

SAT 12:15 – 2:15 BANKSIA POD

Jarra Hicks, Ella Rose Goninan

COREM are in the initial stages of creating a community-ownership model to facilitate the development and management large scale renewable energy farms required to generate and decentralise the power requirements for the Byron Shire.

Come and join a dynamic duo facilitation process seeking to land unique (wont take ‘can’t find a better way’ for an answer) groundbreaking key design principles for COREMs Large Scale Community-Owned Solar Farm.

Presented By COREM and Community Power Agency

COREM is the proud host of Renew Fest. This festival is held and was seeded by COREM to gives rise to and expose the deeper intentions driving its mission to transition the Shire to 100% community-owned renewable energy. COREM formed to address climate justice with physical actions of positive change. Renew Fest provides a platform to serve this mission within all sectors of society. And to reveal the bounty of support and resources available in the arms of united communities for creating a future filled with beauty.


The results of the following survey, will be one if the tools which support this design workshop. Please take the survey if you wish to have input into this design session in this way.

Taking the survey also gives you an opportunity to WIN a double pass to Renew Fest :)(:

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