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Renewing the Human Story

As an industry leader, we are inviting you to be a significant foundational pillar of this pioneering positive action annual Festival! Upon the great success of COREMs (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby) launch in 2015 the seed for Renew Festival was planted. The inaugural Renew Fest in 2016, watered and grew this seed, and gave it the best conditions for a healthy seedling to sprout. We intend to protect, nourish and nurture this new life so that every year it rises through each growth cycle in connection, support, and true alignment to our region’s ecological health and prosperity in all sectors of society.

Why Renew Fest?

Renew Fest is a pioneering waste free 100% renewable energy festival hosted by the not-for-profit community organisation COREM. It’s purpose is to celebrate collaborative action and the power of community to crowdfund the implementation of innovative sustainability projects, giving rise to positive transitional actions for our sustainable future. In 2016 we saw wonderful success of this festivals inaugural event, exceeding all expectations, with over 2000 attendants and celebrating a history making record with our first mass action of next to ZERO waste for the whole festival!
Being a fundraiser, Renew Fest is the first Australian sustainability festival of its kind, with all proceeds invested in community owned sustainable development projects run by COREM. It rose through a collaboration with Byron Shire World Environment Day and strong partnerships with Byron Shire Council, Brunswick Valley land Care, Santos Organics, Mullum SEED, ENOVA, plus the sponsorship of the Office of Environment and Heritage, Light Touch Solar & Electrical, 100 Go Solar, Mullum Music Festival and North Coast Events. Through forming and forging strong partnerships with Byron Shire Council and thriving organisations dedicated to environmental and social sustainability, COREM intends for Renew Fest to become the change agent for our Shires flourishing sustainable future.


Due to the bustling success of 2016, Renew Festival 2017 is growing to a 2 day festival with 6 major themes. This has been prompted by community support and readiness. The 2017 themes are:
By keeping the three main themes of 2016 and expanding to six themes for 2017, we increase the impact we can create on current societal behaviours and practices that negatively affect climate change and environmental degradation. For widespread change to occur it is imperative that local communities learn at a grassroots level about these major areas of our society and how they are intrinsically interrelated, and the importance of collaborative action.

Accompanying the keynote speakers, presentations from industry professionals, panels and QnA discussions will be information stalls, workshops, indigenous wisdom, youth and childrens programs, food, art, music and live performances. This is a festival for the whole family, appealing to a wide range of people and catering to the interests of a large and diverse local, national and international crowd.
Organised by a highly competent event management team, inclusive of a team of passionate volunteers. Renew Fest 2017 will be ticketed and run from 10am till 10pm on Saturday May 6th and 10am till 7pm on Sunday May 7th, with a pre-festival intro from 7-11pm may 5th 2017.


Renew Fest has the following specific aims:

The education, promotion and facilitation of community action for the 6 major themes. All identified as areas of necessary reform for a sustainable future, the reversal of climate change and the regeneration of our natural environment for human and animal communities.
To raise money for COREMs mission of 100% renewable energy for the 2482 area.
To provide a creative, cultural, lived experience of greater sustainability initiatives.
To celebrate and strengthen the collaboration with local, national and global initiatives for sustainability, in a festival platform which attracts wide scale media.
To provide a yearly incubation social environment to inspire other actions and innovations of creative sustainable change for the Byron Shire and surrounds.
To draw, educate and inspire an engaged and healthy behavioural demographic of tourism to the Byron Shire due to being a thriving national and global pillar of action based sustainable change.

Why Renew Fest?

The communities of the Byron Shire are vibrant, highly dynamic, creative, educated, and passionate about sustainability and the pursuit and practice of the necessary changes of our time. Our community as a whole is largely seeking ways to implement sustainable projects with a unified vision, utilising all the wonderful resources and knowledge that resides here. There is a growing desire to find ways to link with and support each other, whilst also opening and facilitating growing community engagement. Renew Fest provides this platform. By celebrating knowledge exchange and the sharing of actions, ideas, inspiration, and fundraising for community, Renew Festival is a powerful change agent, fostering sustainable, collaborative action communities.


Your choice to sponsor this powerful vision and event is a choice that offers in turn your organisation and brand, a wealth of value and trusted regard as a forerunner and supporter of innovative grass roots sustainable futures. As a community based fundraising event your support will be pivotal in bringing, filling and creating spaces for raising awareness, opportunities for many depths of learning, collaboration, mass actions and celebration. All dedicated to setting in motion the leadership and modelling of community supporting society in its transition to a sustainable, connected and prosperous future.

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