Hugo & Treats – VIC

Beyond what you might expect from an MC and DJ team.

Visionary spoken word and creative crowd choreography mixed with earthshakingly intricate beats & bass brings audiences together in a paradigm shifting musical journey.

We invite you to take part in an interactive and spiritually uplifting show which is inspiring minds, shaking butts and opening hearts around Australia including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Max Watts/Hi Fi Ballroom, Woodford Folk Festival, Island Vibe Festival, and Wide Open Spaces.

[photo by Bruce Jacups, Earth Frequency 2018]

Laura Targett with Steve Berry – NSW

LAURA TARGETT is an acclaimed musician with a personal music style that crosses multiple genres, coloured by her background in celtic, gypsy and other folk traditions, her love of music from around the world, and her early classical training. More recently she has emerged as a songwriter and singer with an evocative and unique voice. These original songs are intimate, direct and poetic, infused with a fragility and strength that defies genre, expressed through skilled musicianship.

Laura is also a mother of four, an artist, writer, keen gardener, armchair and sometimes frontline environmental activist, and is an outspoken voice for the destigmatisation of mental health crisis.

STEVE BERRY has been a highly regarded guitarist around Australia and in the Northern Rivers for over 30 years.  With his roots springing from a unique combination of progressive bluegrass, jazz, electronica and world music styles, his sound is unmistakeable, as is his prowess and mastery of the instrument.

Shai Shriki – NSW / Israel

Vocalist, Oud & amp, guitar player, composer and writer of contemporary music with traditionalsounds from the Middle East, Hebrew songs and Spanish guitar.
World music in its wide variety is Shai’s passion, mostly writing in hebrew as his first language but Shai also sings in Arabic, Spanish & Eastern European songs.

Shai believes that the unique sound of traditional instruments and songs invoke deep emotions and the fusion of cultures with sound similarities, can be a meeting and bridging place for all people to live in harmony alongside. As an Israeli Shai has lived in the long lasting conflict in the Middle East and the longing for a solution, reconciliation and living in peace is a strong wish in his heart.

Through the music the meeting place can be achieved by listening and offering at the same time. Shai Shriki (Haifa-Israel) is a very dynamic multi instrumentalist that takes you
through deep emotions and great joy!

HHAARRPP (Luke Jaaniste) – QLD and Cye Wood (from Cave In The Sky) – NSW

HHAARRPP (aka Luke Jaaniste) is a Brisbane-based composer, performer and sound artist, who creates epic ambient experiences that invoke full-bodied listening and deeper connections to the subtle rhythms and flows within us, between us and across the environment. He does so with a range of sonic materials (electronica, piano, acoustic instruments, found objects) and inhabits many space both indoors (galleries, warehouses, shop fronts, dance studios, yoga centres etc) and outdoors (laneways, parklands, water ways, etc).

He is a regular performer at festivals and arts events with his atmospheric electronica project HHAARRPP (appearing at Earth Frequency, Bearded Lady, You Are Here in Canberra, Renew Festival in Mullumbimby and more). Through HHAARRPP he also collaborates with artists in other media, including film-makers, choreographers, yoga instructors and the Liminal Caravan.

Luke is also co-director of sonic-butoh troupe Theatre of Thunder, and has curated the Mesmerism and Sonic State experimental music festivals in Brisbane.

CYE WOOD (from Cave In The Sky) a multi-instrumentalist whose work delves into many aspects of sound creation, including improvisation, composition, production, performance, sound installation, and field recording. His live and recorded work invokes a deep listening state, drawing audiences into familiar, yet uncharted territories.

Cye has recently returned to Australia after living in Berlin for 12 months and is working with two new collaborative projects – Oscillator A (with Christian Pyle), who are currently releasing a single/video each week for the next year, and Black Rainbow (with Brandon Casidy and Luke Jaaniste), an improvised live project utilising dark ambient textures. He is also working with his project Cave In The Sky whose debut album Sönghellir is released by Swedish label 1631 Recordings. Equally at home in an intimate concert setting as on the festival stage, Cave In The Sky has mesmerised audiences around the world, including sets at Earth Frequency Festival 2016 (AU), Landjuweel Festival 2016 (ND) and Woodford Folk Festival 2017 (AU).

He has also contributed scores and string arrangements for many musical, film and dance projects, and performed with a diverse array of artists including: Eartha Kitt, Sarah Blasko, Hein Cooper, Angus Stone, Yeshe, Tenzin Choegyal; award winning short film Piercing Silence directed by Ninna Millikin; debut feature film ‘Hello Forever’ by director Peter Kirk; short film ‘Remembering Agatha’ by artist/director Emma Magenta; and collaboration with Lisa Gerrard on the score and soundtrack album for the ABC documentary series ‘The Trail of Genghis Khan’ by director Tim Cope; and dance scores for Meredith Elton, Sydney Dance PPY and Zachary Lopez amongst others.


Brighid (Brigid Mary Prain) – NSW


 I am the Wilderness, my human voice translating for those who speak but are seldom heard.

Accompanied by music I’ve created from the sounds of Nature. Bridging worlds in Love with life. Forever free. Wild.


Spoken word: Thomas Keily

Thomas Keily is the Program Director for Renew Fest. He was an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, before joining and then directing a radical theatre troupe in Newcastle. He also spent several years studying with a sufi community in Istanbul, Turkey. He is now a full-time writer.

Spoken word: Erfan Daliri

Erfan Daliri is a social animator, author, youth educator, event
director and an internationally toured spoken word artist. With a
background in community development and a Post Graduate
Diploma in Communication for Social Change, Erfan is a freelance,
free-roaming agent of change with the stage presence of a seasoned
performing artist.

With his ability to capture and hold the attention of his audience
coming so effortlessly from over a decade of facilitating youth
engagement workshops across the country, Erfan now focuses on
activating and empowering agents of social change.
Working with remote Indigenous youth, minority community groups
and high school and university students, has given him a wide range
of experience to draw from. He completed his first 12-date national
speaking tour in 2002 at the age of 19.

As the co-founder of UpUpTrampoline and the Newkind Movement,
much of his work focuses on empowering, inspiring and activating
agents of social change. Whether it’s presenting a master class for
creative artists, mentoring youth, directing festivals, performing on
stage, or conspiring with fellow Novalanders, the throughline of his
work is social change and challenging the status quo.

Sword Dance: Ikaiou Raven

Ella Rose picked up her swords after her emersion from the dark valleys of the shadows, tortures and taboo’s inside the western cultural perceptions surrounding mental health crisis. Shadows born from a systemically disempowered, disconnected race. Recognising the sword as her alai in her inner world she turned to her swords to claimed their support in her outer world. Ikaiou Raven is the name of the sword dancer within her. Drawing on her love of dance and sword training, she seeks to connect with Ikaiou’s audience deep within what is unnamed, unformed, unwavering and undisturbed.