Social Permaculture: The Ecology of Self and the Human Landscape
Short, one sentenve version:  Apply the core skills of Permaculture to the
human landscape as a powerful frame for personal growth, and increased
ability to be catalysts for the new culture which is emerging.
Jillian is a practitioner of regenerative systems design who works creatively
and collaboratively with individuals and groups on a wide range of projects
from urban balconies, to whole eco communities.  She founded and directs
The Sustainable Living Network based in Canada, and has taught and
consulted in Permaculture & Ecovillages in over 35 countries across North &
Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and has now arrived
in Australia.  Jillian has strong background in traditional biophysical aspects of
the permaculture, and had grown an understanding of the need for literacy
and skills in human ecologies. Through her facilitation, teaching, coaching &
mentorship, she supports others to connect with the matrix of our
existance, and to bring their whole selves to permaculture practice so that we
can be grow a webwork of more response-able human beings who can be
positive actors for co-creating new possibilities and regeneration of our world.