Hugo is a dedicated esoteric Rap exile from the UK. Having left tremors of press
attention in his wake in Britain for parody rap song ‘Branksome’, a tongue in
cheek ode to his leafy suburban ‘hood, he turned his attention to alternative
avenues. Arriving in Melbourne in 2007, he quickly became a feature in the
North Side hip hop scene, making contact with such local luminaries as Elf
Tranzporter, Mantra, Julez, 1/6 and Pataphysics, and building a reputation as a
rising, if unconventional, freestyle talent.
It is always his goal to use the art of rap in as innovative a manner as possible,
and, quickly forming a collaboration with fellow English DJ ‘Treats’ (Treats
Soundcloud), a theatrical, comedic and spiritually uplifting live show began to
coalesce. With the backing Treats’s musical omni-genre explorations, Hugo
provided ever more esoteric freeform poetry to audiences at venues across the
city and onstage at festivals: Hugo & Treats Facebook.

Nowadays, Hugo The Poet is focussing on producing online video content of
various kinds: Esoteric explorations of an alternate reality in
the ILLUSIONS series, Translating the Inferno by Dante into Rap, and
generally exploring the arts of Rap, Lyricism and Video production. A heap of