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Renew Fest 2018

Renew Fest is a pioneering waste free sustainability festival. It’s purpose is to celebrate collaborative action and the power of community to crowd-fund the implementation of innovative sustainability projects, giving rise to positive transitional actions for our sustainable future. Being a fundraiser, Renew Fest is the first Australian sustainability festival of its kind, with all proceeds invested in community owned sustainable development projects run by its seed organisation, COREM.

Located under the fig trees in Mullumbimby, Renew Fest presents an idyllic format for learning and celebrating the positive actions happening locally and globally. Bringing together a diverse spectrum of intellectuals, creatives,  innovators and advocates, Renew Fest is renewing the future. What are you ready to renew?

RENEW FEST is a Solar Powered ZERO WASTE festival.

Please bring your own cups, plates & utensils. Free wash station available throughout the festival.

RENEW FEST is a 100% drug and alcohol free festival.



Seeded by COREM, Renew Fest in 2016 saw a cross community collaboration that resulted in a wonderful celebration and information sharing festival. COREM’s success in the community owned renewable energy space has established them as a driving force for transitional change across the Northern Rivers community, and in light have expanded their mission to engage with broader climate action topics and aligned organisations.

In 2016 we saw the wonderful success of this festivals inaugural event, exceeding all expectations, with over 2000 attendants and celebrating a history making record with our first mass action of literally next to ZERO waste for the whole festival!

It rose through a collaboration with Byron Shire World Environment Day and strong partnerships with Byron Shire Council, Brunswick Valley Landcare, Santos Organics, Mullum SEED, plus the sponsorship of the Office of Environment and Heritage, Light Touch Solar & Electrical, 100 Go Solar, Mullum Music Festival, North Coast Events, ENOVA, Kombucha Mamma and Opentable.

Renew Fest 2017 heartfully revealed the festival directors intentions of the greater vision of the festival. Expanding to a two day event, and from 3 major interest streams to 6 being; Renewable Energy, Natures Biodiversity, Our Food, Human Habitats, Humanity Renewal and Ethical Economic. Renew Fest became a peer amongst the modern day pioneers in recognising the deep need to bring into focus our relationship with our humanity as a vital pillar of sustainable / regenerative change.


    • dedicating 100% of profits to the Byron Shire community for its regenerative development,
    • forming and forging strong partnerships with Byron Shire Council and thriving organisations dedicated to environmental, social and economical sustainability

COREM intends for Renew Fest to become the grassroots change agent for the Byron Shires flourishing regenerative future … and a global beacon of light.



Mullumbimby is located in the Byron Shire on the Far North Coast of NSW. Known for its free thinking attitude and strong environmental focus, it prides itself as a forerunner in the sustainable movement. The main intersection of town, unlike most country towns, presents an iconic health food store, Santos Organics and the surrounding rainforests and hinterland are a site to please any visitor. The residents of Mullumbimby invite you to come and learn, share and get connected with us over this festive weekend. We want to share, strengthen and protect what we have and also learn what we can from the exciting and wonderful people working towards a more regenerative future.
The communities of the Byron Shire are vibrant, highly dynamic, creative, educated, and passionate about sustainability and the pursuit and practice of the necessary changes of our time. Our community as a whole is largely seeking ways to implement sustainable projects with a unified vision, utilising all the wonderful resources and knowledge that resides here. There is a growing desire to find ways to link with and support each other, whilst also opening and facilitating growing community engagement. Renew Fest provides this platform. By celebrating knowledge exchange and the sharing of resources, actions, ideas, inspiration, and fundraising for community, Renew Festival is a powerful grassroots change agent, fostering regenerative, collaborative action communities.

Thank you to our supporting partners