Cyd Crossman provides the Modern Sex Education you never got. Through her unique process, based on years of study in modern sexuality and sensual embodiment practices, Cyd guides both men and women to become more fully present in their bodies. Her transformational methods support people to live better, more creative, connected, fluid, sensual, pleasure-full, integrated lives.

With her unforgettable sense of humour combined with many years of experience and deeply intelligent insights, Cyd believes that it is everyone’s right to have an enriched, sane, deep and authentic relationship to their pleasure and their inherent sexuality. She believes it is the most important relationship they will ever have. By leaning into our sexuality including the uncomfortable parts, we can liberate ourselves from conditioning, shame and confusion.

After working in the field of sexuality for 17 years, Cyd has had the privilege of working closely with some of the worlds’ leading erotic educators. She is a certified and experienced Sexological Bodyworker, a Somatic Sex Educator, workshop facilitator and speaker, Visual/Performance Artist and Mistress of Ceremonies. Cyd is also an avid writer and researcher with a BA in Journalism and the Mother of two sons. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay, Australia