Quadraphonic Trees: music for all our roots and branches

Offered By: Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP)

Creating a quadraphonic sound-scape at the base of each of the four fig trees that surround the site, imagining the sound of the trees’ vast wisdom, life flow and communication with the earth and each of us.

DURING THE DAY the sonic tree scape will be HERALDING IN the ONE MINUTE SILENCES that all the festival attendants will observe every hour on the hour.

DURING THE EARLY MORNING and EVENING SESSIONS, the tree-scape becomes the ‘expansive stage’ within which HHAARRPP, along with special guest Cye Wood create a live music-scape performance.

Sonic Massage Lounge

Offered By: Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP)

An intimite deep listening space in the central hut of the festival site.

Listening near, listening far, listening the the horizons of our skin and of our earth.

A drop-in space for up to 3 to 4 people, to come lie down on luxurious cushions, amongst a subtle and ever-micro-shifting harmonic field from all around them.

Created with the micro-phasing chordal and arpeggios patterns of many identical vintage keyboards that Brisbane-based sound artist Luke Jaaniste has been collecting over the last ten years. Shifting harmonies with eletronica that nonetheless feels so organic.

Spinning the Manifesto Nest

Offered By: Joss Lewis

A cosy spinning space nestled in close to the “Connect Lounge”, dedicated to generating a tangible thread of expression through the process of spinning locally grown fibres. 

It’s an invitation to embed the spun fibre with the thoughts, ideas and inspirations that are the foundations of the Renew Fest Manifesto.

It holds within its vision a heartfelt intent to create over the weekend a community inspired and producedartwork generated by human energy.

A warm wild shout out to local spinners, weavers, farmers, fashionistas to donate locally grown wool & offcuts of locally made fabrics and garments. Please email if you have some of this goodness to share :)(:

Prayer Tree

A tree is an incredibly grounding presence, it is a symbol of the past present future, of strength and sensitivity, of birth-death-rebirth, the under realm – middle realm – upper realm , shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, a seat that we sit on, the spoon that we stir with, and the air that we breathe…

The prayer tree is a space where people come to pray, make wishes, sit and dream. The prayer tree is engrained in many cultures and can be found along the many paths travelled upon Mother Earth.

During the festival you are invited to visit the Prayer Tree to make your prayers or wishes with ribbons infused with your hearts voice where they shall be caught by the winds to travel to those places that hear them.

The Bower: Bowerbird Entrance Way

Offered by: Sophie Wilksch

“Bowerbirds are best known for the seduction techniques of the male, whose elaborate courtship ritual extends across most of the eighteen species. The male Bowerbird builds an elaborately constructed bower – or avenue – a set on which the bird performs an intricate dance to attract females. Naturalist Charles Darwin marvelled at the architecture of the bowers, and their place in the sexual selection of the species, citing it in his writings on evolution.”

The Bower will be the entry to RenewFest 2018. The structure will be built from a collection of natural materials – mainly fallen branches and twigs from a local property. We will utilise the skills and enthusiasm of a dedicated crew of 10-15 volunteers to create this interactive artwork. The Bower will continue to grow during the festival, as each guest will be invited upon entry, to collect a branch, write an intention on a little blue piece of paper, and tie it together to weave into the structure. The branches and intentions will be burnt during a fire ceremony each evening. Our early morning festival guests might be greeted by the local Regent Bowerbird, who plans to entice visitors of the Bower with a dance of courtship. Workshops will be offered to children, by donation, to invite them to work together to build and decorate their very own Bower! We hope that the structure will be able to make some reference to the array of plastic littered through our environment. In nature, little blue bits of plastic are diligently collected by the bowerbird like treasure – perhaps there is some meaning to this. Perhaps our own plastic litter could be collected and used more intelligently, and sustainably.