A Melbourne-based co-operative entrepreneur and expert in co-op development, policy and
enterprise for common good. Originally growing up in country town Narrandera, Antony is
passionate about placed-based social, cultural and economic development. He holds
qualifications in social impact (social entrepreneurship), community development and co-
operative leadership. He has fulfilled various roles, including disability attendant carer,
student union president, social policy specialist (church-based), community legal centre
president (field of social security), union delegate and community services CEO (work-
related harm and future of work). More recently, he worked for Employee Ownership
Australia in communications and presently regularly contracts services to the Business
Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (including collaboratively preparing a draft governance
code for the sector). He currently also works part-time in co-operative social housing. He is
Secretary and co-founder of Co-op Incubator (an online community to facilitate co-operative
entrepreneurship) and is co-founder of the first cooperative co-working space in Melbourne
(and is working on a co-op brewery). Antony has provided support to a range of co-op start-
ups in paid and unpaid capacities including: bHive; Cooperative Power
Australia; Earthworker Co-operative (and Redgum Cleaners Cooperative and Earthworker
Energy) (also a member); and, ORICoop (member). He also serves as Vice-President of
the Victoria Day Council (that administers the Victorian of the Year award).
You can often find Antony via Twitter: @antonymcmullen
Mobile: +61 418 223 517
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/antonymcmullen