“Renew Fest is a potent opportunity for community from near and far to share and inspire about change they are creating in the world. The festival offers great substance over a broad range of topics into living responsibly and renewably, for ourselves and future generations. The inspiration factor is HIGH and I’m so excited to see what it offers to community in future years!”
– Erin Young, Sunshine Coast

Renew Fest 2018 hosting the likes of internationally renowned folks, such as Helena Norberg-Hodge, Robin Grille and Judy Atkinson, brings to life a fully fleshed program, humming with the potency of the coming together!

With the spirit of collaboration being the heartbeat of this event, it’s the place to reconnect and renew our relationships to being the change we want to see in the world.

“We really needed Renew Fest – the world needs it! In a world where regular media dominates the mindspace with horrific news, conditioning people into learned helplessness, the good news about all the initiatives that are working well and growing, seems to get disappeared. Renew Fest brings that ecstatic sense of dynamism, possibility and realistic idealism right to the foreground. I love the environment, I love the ‘yes, we can!’ attitude that permeated, I love the zero waste commitment, I love the vibe and the human warmth. Renew Fest makes me feeling that a loving and harmonious human society is not only possible it might just be inevitable. Let this grow bigger and wider. I’ll happily be involved again, anytime you call. Thanks, Renew Fest”
– Robin Grille

Over the past 3 years the seed of Renew Fest has taken root and sprouted into a festival that is here to stay and flourish into a tree of life, ever giving oxygen to regenerative sustainable culture.

Set under the magnificent fig trees on the edge on town, in the lush foothills of Mt Chincogan, this is a festival where connecting and coming together to share, inspire and renew is the heartfelt bell tone of its whole purpose. Where presenters, artists, community orgs, industry folk, council members and punters get to simply bee together and have time to recognize and activate the abundant energy and resources available in the many, when we come together in the name of regenerative culture!

“Bruns Eco Village was asked to present our project, to establish a Community owned and run Renters Co-operative Eco Village and are proud to be associated with Renewfest. We will continue to work with COREM in it’s determination for Energy security.”
– Kelvin Daly – Bruns Eco Village Conceptualiser/Land Steward

It’s about feeling the YES and massive support there is in this Shire and country amongst the grassroots, for rising to the changes needed in the call from our climate at this time. It’s about feeling this yes in the welcoming and comfy atmosphere provided by the fig tree grove in the showgrounds, and recognizing how much kindness and beauty is here to support us. “It’s not so much about coming to hear, see and buy ‘the way’ forward to a safe climate, as it’s about coming to connect with, create and find the way together. Painfully, though compassionately aware that we are all playing our part in the current climate crisis and therefore needing each other as we look to renew our ways” says Festival Creative Director Ella Rose Goninan. Renew Fest is about the experience of collaboration with all people and its real power for creating great change.

“Renew Fest re-energised me. I was driven to write down a lot of ideas, references, and action points – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that kind of motivation at a sustainability-themed event.”
– Simon Calcinai

All patrons both on the program and off immense themselves in the super heartful family vibes and spend the weekend sharing and giving to the festival in so many enriching ways. Basking the totally stunning May weather on the north coast the festival offers connection and a outdoors platform for all areas of interest within the realms of regenerative culture, for all ages.

“Renew Fest was a heartfelt and inspiring event. My only regret was not being able to attend several talks simultaneously! Congratulations to all involved.”
– Tracey Brown de Langan

Importantly and as one of the main agendas of the festival, Renew Fest looks to support the actions of transition to a truly regenerative culture in the Byron Shire, by dedicating 100% of all it’s 8 forms of capital profits to the Byron Shire community for projects with this purpose.

Renew Fest is choosing to take a considered and deep path in seeking indigenous relations for the vision and agendas of the festival. It is a primary prayer and intent for the festival organisers to connect with the indigenous peoples of this land, seeking, listening including and acting on their council with all that this festival is here to offer and be a platform for. In 2017 it was a great honour to have Uncle Magpie not only open the festival in his native language with this blessings and songs, but also spend the weekend connecting with us all and exhibiting his artworks. We hope to deepen our relations with Uncle Magpie’s people and country, the country on which the festival is held, and by doing so we hope to deepen in respect and authenticity with our prayers for this festival in playing a powerful role in healing and renewing the human earth story.

“Great to hear inspired people with a diverse range of specialisations, building more positive, sustainable, equitable, cohesive communities and a brighter future. See you next year.”
– Brent Calcutt

Thank you to our supporting partners