Australia’s Festival of Ecological, Economic
and Social Renewal

10-12 MAY 2019



>> Presenters / performers / workshops

>> Waste-free market & food stalls

>> Volunteers

Leading experts, pioneering presentations, celebrating community achievements, music, arts & more.

Renew Fest is the destination festival for discussion, organisation and community action in regenerative culture across all sectors of society.

Speakers & Presentations

Music & Performance

Young People Creating

Community Action

Waste-Free Living Market

Showcasing Renewables

2018 THEME


Inspired by Miriam – Rose Ungunmerr- Baumann and her teachings on DADIRRI


We invite you to be a participant, exploring how listening and collaboration will play a pivotal part in renewing the human story together. 




Fully integrated support for youth to find their way as leaders, innovators, pathfinders &  change makers.


A space to foster creativity, health and play with our next generation.

Renew Fest is a solar-powered zero-waste festival. Please bring your own reusable cups, plates and utensils. Free wash-station available throughout the festival.

We are a 100% drug and alcohol-free festival.

This year will see a natural and powerful evolution in the Renew Fest programming, with three key innovations: 

  1. Cross-pollinating Minds

Recognising that there are no isolated problems, and that each mission is every mission, this year’s program will break down the silos of the sustainability agenda, and deliver sessions with a focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration and trans-paradigm perspective. We’re asking economists to sit down with permaculturists, solar technicians and architects with biodiversity academics and birth-workers, all in a fresh exploration of pattern and system-level thinking.

2. Keep it Grounded, Keep it Real

To make sure we don’t drift off into abstract theoretical space, we have asked specific organisations to ‘host’ each session. Their role is not to steer the conversation, or even necessarily share their opinion, but to give the discussion context and to provide a real-world lab in which to test our ideas.

Shout out to the six orgs trailblazing the local program:

Byron Shire Council (The Tools of New-Democracy , Mullum Music Fest (Consciously Created Culture), The Echo (Fake News, Trump and the Death of Big Media), Bruns Eco Village (The DNA of Resilient Communities), Santos Organics (A Food Sovereignty Roadmap), COREM (Disrupting Monopolies and Market Power)

(National Full Program coming soon!)

3. A Common-Wealth of Wisdom

Recognising the unique depth of wisdom available in the Northern Rivers Region, and standing in solidarity with the idea that since the climate crisis affects everyone, then we are all experts, we are looking to create a ‘jam culture’ at Renew Fest this year. Key sessions will give us the opportunity to get a download from the experts, but then break into smaller workgroups, to jam with those experts on actual solutions.

We need you. Your perspective might be just what the world is waiting to hear.

I love that Renew Fest is challenging us to look at the bigger picture, and at the same time asking us, what we can do right here, right now. And I love that it recognises that we all have a role to play in this – that each perspective is valuable. It’s going to be challenging, eye-opening and a lot of fun!” – Helena Norberg-Hodge

Cultural Impact 

  • Grassroots community pride, cohesion and empowerment.
  • Clarity, organisation and strength based development of the widespread grassroots sustainability mission.
  • Protection, sharing and growing of community relationships, assets and resources for regenerative cultural change and resilience
  • Strengthening the facilitation, support and awareness of intergenerational wants, needs and desire

Environmental Impact 

  • Launchpad of new environmental and renewable projects and enterprises.
  • Opportunity for building support and momentum for environmental collective action.
  • Setting national ZERO WASTE precedent for events of this scale by having a wash station instead of a waste station and ZERO disposable utensils, plates, bowls, cups and bottles available
  • Increased literacy of local, regional and national environmental initiatives.
  • Increased awareness of environmental eco-system stewardship.

Economic Impact

  • Platform for innovation, new industry jobs & eco-business
  • The Byron Shire’s natural assets are a key economic driver for the region.
  • Renew Fest celebrates sustainable practices, waste management, regeneration and caretaking of land to ensure future generations are able to continue to enjoy the Shire’s world-class natural assets.
  • Renew Fest celebrates and showcases locally sustainable and eco-friendly businesses, as well as renewable energy initiatives.
  • Opportunities for market research and development in the fields of innovation and new economic models, in all the related sectors of the festivals main themes.

All profits from Renew Fest go to Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby’s (
COREM) 100% community owned renewable energy goal for the Byron Shire.

COREM aim’s to transition Byron Shire to 100% community owned renewable energy by 2020, in support of best practice for climate change mitigation and full system transition to a regenerative society.

Acknowledgement of Country

We honour and respect the traditional owners of the land on which the festival is being held. It is our prayer to foster an ever growing and deepening connection with the indigenous peoples of this country.

Receiving guidance from local Elders in traditional culture and heritage is invaluable to the festivals vision and curation for meeting the intended environmental, economic and cultural change impact of this festival.

The learning and commitment to fostering respectful relations is a long-term high priority as the festival continues to evolve and grow.

Thank you to our supporting partners